Forex Price Alerts

Analysis of 272 pairs with daily alerts

Currency 10 days % change 5 days % change 1 days % change
Currency 10 days % change 5 days % change 1 day % change

Filter the noise

With analysis of over 10 Currencies, InfinityPP helps you to filter out the noise.

InfinityPP functions as an analysis and alerting service. We do not provide any signals.

How simple is it?

step 1

View the latest analysis

Every day/hour Forex Alerts calculates the fluctuation of currency. This covers all 18 currencies.

step 2

Create alert

Create a custom percentage alert trigger. When currency goes beyond the target percentage, they will be included in the daily e-mail.

step 3

Execute The Order

With the pairs that have crossed the trigger point. Now it is the time to perform market analysis and potentially create a trade order.